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The Foxit PDF SDK ActiveX is ideal for product managers and developers looking to integrate PDF technology into applications who are either new to PDF or don't want to spend a large investment in learning PDF technology. It provides a very easy to use environment that takes full advantage of fast and efficient PDF rendering technology in a customizable, visual programming component. Simply drag and drop the component into an application to instantly add PDF display functions to any Windows based application. This SDK enables development organizations to develop PDF capable applications quickly and achieve faster time to market without requiring deep PDF expertise. It is compatible with many programming languages, supports a wide range of western and eastern fonts, and provides a localizable user interface. The Foxit PDF SDK ActiveX is a visual programming component that offers PDF display and annotation capabilities with minimal resource demand and small re-distribution size. It can be easily integrated into a wide range of applications. It uses the same core technology as the Foxit Reader; therefore it can display PDF files quickly, accurately, and with high quality. It is designed for a broad spectrum of users who want to develop PDF display and annotation capabilities. Highlighted capabilities of the Foxit PDF SDK ActiveX include: Easy to use environment to develop your own applications quickly and achieve fast time-to-market. High level of rendering speed, accuracy, and quality. Compatible with many programming languages. Extensive printing, annotation, and form features and properties. Support for Western, Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK) text. Localizable user interface. The Foxit PDF SDK ActiveX is provided in different packages based on the differing needs of development organizations. The Standard Version provides the base PDF functions, such as open and close PDF documents, get document information, search, print, and more. For more advanced implementations, the Professional Version adds creating and editing annotations, importing and exporting forms, adding watermarks, running JavaScripts, converting PDF to text, and hyperlink operations. The Professional Version also supports two modules as add-ons. The Form Module includes form element operations, such as adding and removing form fields, importing and exporting forms, getting and setting form fields. The Annotation Module includes advanced Annotation operations, such as adding and removing annotations, and getting and setting annotations.

Systems: Windows 7, WinXP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7 x64

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